Ceremony Site Ideas

These are just a few of our ideas for people who do not know the area. If you have a place in mind, we will certainly let you know if it is possible. Many beachfront condos are a possibility whether you live there or are renting it as a vacation home. With hotels, you need permission to use their beach access.

There are some places we will not do. We will not list them here, but for various reasons and years of experience, we prefer not to attempt.

Metered parking is $2.50 an hour and almost every street in Cocoa Beach is metered. If you have a handicapped placard or handicapped license plate, you can park in any metered spot for free. Cape Canaveral has many side streets where you can park for free. Monroe Ave is handicap accessible.

We, of course, do other beach cities in our county of Brevard such as Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour Beach. We can let you know if your spot is do-able.

13th Street South


This is our favorite street for both morning and evening weddings. It is way past the craziness of tourist areas.


Less crowded than the beach parks, side streets in the downtown area, or Cocoa Beach Pier area. We are not saying there will be nobody there, but it will not be packed. This is more of a locals’ beach. It’s well worth dealing with the “cons”.


No restrooms or showers. Metered parking is $2.50 an hour. There are about 12 metered spots and one is handicapped. I wouldn’t consider this wheelchair accessible even though there are no steps.


Lots of Florida native plants all around, including sea grapes, sea oats, and much more!

The view right before walking to your beautiful Cocoa Beach Wedding at 13th Street South.

The view from the beach looking toward where the bride and other bridal party will walk down the aisle. Look at those beautiful palm trees!!!

The awesome ocean peaking through sea oats. Breathtaking views in a quieter setting.

Need Wheel Chair Accessibility?

Monroe   |   Cape Canaveral


Ok, so we are always asked if the area is wheelchair accessible. Usually, our answer is the boardwalk, but once you get on the sand it isn’t. The great City of Cape Canaveral has done the right thing and made a partial area of sand, wheelchair accessible on 3 of their streets. We use Monroe Ave.


The main pro is that it is the only place you can roll a wheelchair on the sand. Another pro is that they are probably a little less crowded being a side street in Cape Canaveral. These were taken at approximately 2 pm. Another pro is this is Cape Canaveral and they have FREE PARKING! There are about 15 spaces and ironically only one is a handicapped spot.


There are no restrooms or showers because it is a side street. This is not a con, but remember this is Cape Canaveral not Cocoa Beach, sometimes this is important.

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