Design Your Own Beach Wedding

Choose only what fits in “the budget”

First set a budget and then prioritize. Choose a lot or a little. Everything below can be chosen for a wedding or vow renewal. Please see the “ceremony inspiration” gallery for photos and ideas. The colors displayed in the gallery are just a small representation of what we offer. We continually add more colors, so make sure to ask; it might be available. Remember, you must obtain a Florida Marriage License to be married in Cocoa Beach or anywhere in Florida. Please see the “marriage license” page for more information.



A notary will perform your wedding or renewal ceremony. They will fill out your FL marriage license and send it by certified mail to the court to be recorded. You will be given ceremonies to choose from and instructions. You are welcome to make it as personal as you wish or leave it the way it is. Readings, leading of prayers, etc. by family members are a great way to make your ceremony special and personal to you. If a specific officiant is desired, such as a man over a woman, there will be an extra fee to hold. You may provide your own qualified officiant, whether a Florida notary, minister, pastor, etc., but you are responsible for ensuring they are qualified within the state of Florida.

Professional Photography 1 Hour


Photography will start on the beach and cover processional to recessional. Then, group photos of family, bridal party, etc. Lastly, the photographer will concentrate on the two of you. Our professionals are specialists in outdoor weddings. You will receive lightly edited images on a CD with copyrights for printing images. With permission, a preview of ten pics will go on our FB page for you to share with friends and family. Shipping is included to the US. Canada, please add $15 and if overseas, please add $35.
Expect your CD to ship within 14-21 days.

Additional Photography Hours


An extended hour on the beach $100 (*limited to one hour). Note: If your original hour will start 60-90 minutes before sunset, you will not be able to add. This extension is only needed for large families or groups that will take more time. Very rarely needed, it is an option. This is advised to be on contract. There is no guarantee to add on the day of the wedding.

Photography Signs/Props


Make your photos even more fun with signs such as “Just Married”, “We Still Do” for renewals, “Thank You” for thank you cards, “Wish You Were Here” for those who could not make the trip, “Mr. and Mrs.” signs, parasols, and more.

Tropical Altar Decorations


A simple but beautiful addition to your ceremony, especially for photos. Two pre-decorated, white tropical tiki torches with two large palm trees. The base is covered in greenery with conch shells to finish off the tropical look. Seagrass aisle runner included. This can also be added to the bamboo altar for an even more dramatic look!

Bamboo Altar Decoration


Three piece bamboo structure draped in beautiful sheer panels and scarves. Choose 1 or 2 colors. Our colors choices will grow, but panels come in white, ivory, yellow, turquoise, and lavender. We also have the unique white “pocket” panels. The sheer side pieces come in white, ivory, turquoise, hot pink, lavender, red, orange, light pink, baby blue, royal blue, purple and coral in both middle and side panels. We will update colors when added. Also, look for photos in the galleries.

Choose ONE of the following $50

  1. One for the left side only- beautiful silk flowers and greenery in white lilies and cascading crystals.
  2. One for the left side only- beautiful silk flowers and greenery in stargazer lilies and cascading crystals. (Stargazers are white on the edges and a hot pink to watermelon color inside)
  3. One for the left side only- beautiful silk flowers and greenery with pastel flowers of peach, yellow, green.
  4. Silk palm fronds for both corners decorated with your choice of starfish or white plumerias.

Aisle Way Deluxe


Choose One:

1. Eight shepherd hooks with greenery lining the bottom with round lanterns: white, orange, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, red, yellow, hot pink, royal blue.

2. Eight shepherd hooks with greenery lining the bottom with round flower pomanders: white/ivory, pink, light blue.

Aisle Way Basic


Eight palm fronds that lay on the ground with your choice of starfish or white plumerias.

Up to 10 Chairs

$5 ea

White plastic chairs for the most important guests, immediate family, etc., or anyone that may need to sit due to physical constraints. Ceremonies do no last long, so providing limited seating is an awesome way to stay within budget. We only offer 10. You do not have to have any chairs. Standing during a beach wedding is perfectly acceptable and another great way to save some $$$.

Fitted Chair Covers with Sash Up to 10

$4 ea

Up to 10 White, Ivory, Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, or Black form-fitting chair covers with your choice of white, ivory, red, turquoise, royal blue, light blue, navy, orange, yellow, light pink, fuchsia, hot pink, peach, rose, silver, black, emerald green, green apple, purple, coral, or lavender sash.
Add to your sashes: starfish, plumerias or crystals .50 per chair

Basic Sand Ceremony


Blend your lives together by pouring different colored sand in a center vessel, representing the bride and groom’s lives becoming one. Or add children if blending families. This is a cute heart shaped bottle with a cork top. This works best with just the bride and groom or adding 2 children.
This includes all supplies and a decorated table. There are many colors of sand to choose from.

Deluxe Sand Ceremony


This is a heart shaped vase with no lid. It can be used for just the bride and groom or a large family. It will come with white glue and instructions on how to seal the sand since it does not have its own top. Includes all supplies and a decorated table. There are many colors of sand to choose from.

Wishing Shell Ceremony


Include your guests in this fun and meaningful ceremony. Once the wedding or renewal ceremony is over, all your guests will join you at the shoreline holding a shell with your first names and ceremony date. Everyone will make a wish for you and toss it into the ocean. Price includes the first 15 shells. Additional shells are .50 ea. Please only ask for shells that are needed for the ceremony or just a few extra.

Bridal Bouquet with Matching Boutonnière


Designing your bouquet is easy! Just follow 3 easy steps:
1) Choose 18 roses or tropical mix in season.
2) Choose a color scheme. Be specific and realistic with colors. Light, dark, etc. colors such as turquoise flowers are really not prevalent, etc. We do not dye or spray flowers.
3) Choose a ribbon color.
We can certainly do custom bouquets, just send a photo and we will give you a quote.

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Matching Boutonnière


A smaller version of the bridal bouquet. Roses will have 12. Same steps apply.

Small 3 Flowered Petite Bouquet


Roses and tropical mix only.



Pin-on or wrist corsage. Choose roses or tropical mix.

Additional Boutonnière


Great for best man, groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, etc.

Flower Girl Basket with Fresh Petals or Seashells


Cute white silk covered basket with your choice of pink or red fresh rose petals or assorted seashells. Yours to keep.

Rose Petals for Aisle


Over 1,300 rose petals to add to your aisle for a pop of color. Choose from red, light pink, hot pink, yellow, white, and lavender. They look great by themselves or combined with one of the colorful aisle runners below. 1,300 petals is a lot… That is why the cost. Around Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, please expect the price to go up. NO fake, silk, or paper petals are allowed. You will not be able to use them if they are brought. We keep our beaches clean! There is a fine for littering.

Colorful Aisle Runner


These colorful runners make a beautiful addition to your decor. Choose from white, purple, royal blue, turquoise, orange, hot pink, and black.



We do not offer music because this requires an extra person that you would have to pay for. However, an awesome Bluetooth sound system is always available for your use. Put 2 songs in a playlist on your smartphone if you are not having a bridal party or 3 songs if you are. It really has amazing sound… another way to save some $$$. Our gift to you but you have to ask for it. It will take a person to work the music for you or if no one is available, your officiant can do the job. It’s FREE for your use.

Seashell Necklaces

$2 ea*

Over the head necklaces made of seashells. Great for guests, family, bridal party, children, or just the bride and groom.

*7% Tax Will Be Added To Prices With An Astericks

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